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Hello Friends,
I would like to invite you all to Istanbul!

Not only is Turkey the most populous city but also a cultural and financial hub. Straddling the Bosphorus, Istanbul is a place where Europe and Asia meet and where East and West truly come together. We will be not only one of the largest cities in Europe but also in the world.
You will be able to witness a modern, dynamic Turkey that is making economic inroads throughout Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. We in the logistics industry recognize the hub that Turkey has become, linked by ocean, air and overland transport networks that extend their reach locally and worldwide. Most of these transport networks find Istanbul as their main hub.

In 2020 Istanbul is approximately 2680 years old, so it goes without saying that this city is loaded with history. There will be many things for you to do in your off time. The cuisine is tops and the Turks are world-famous for their hospitality. And shopping? (Where do we even begin to start?)

We would like to briefly make Istanbul the freight forwarding capital of the world. We will all play a part in this. While you will be exploring what Istanbul has to offer, we hope that you can find what your colleagues within AiO also have to offer. We know you will gain and grow from this experience. At this meeting we trust you will make new relationships and deepen older ones.
Kind regards
So, you missed the AiO AGM in 2019?
Here’s a recap video of our last event in Bangkok, Thailand
Connect with our members
Connect with our members
About AiO logistics network
AiO Logistics Network is one of the most unique and fastest growing specialist networks in the world. Established in 2015, it is now home to over 160 independent freight forwarders from 72 countries. We understand that the world of independent freight forwarding is made up of many diverse players therefore we offer multiple specialty networks all within the AiO brand.
AiO allows you to professionally handle many types of specialized cargo, never having to leave one group. You join one network for many specialties, not many networks for single specialties. If you feel that your company is the perfect fit for the network, please get in touch and we will be pleased to welcome you. Feel free to contact our business development manager, Mr. Matthew O’Hagan at Matthew.Ohagan@Aiologistics.net.
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6th Annual General Meeting
30 March – 2 April 2020
Istanbul Marriott Hotel Sisli
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