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Strength Club is live!
What is it?
It's an all new online Training Log and Program Builder designed for lifters who want personally tailored programs without the wait and cost.
Strength Club was built over the last year and tested in depth with nearly 400 beta users-and now we are opening up early bird access to you!
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Why did we go to all the trouble?
Since I developed the Starting Strength App, I've gotten many requests to add the training programs from:
Starting Strength
Practical Programming
The Barbell Prescription
The emails also requested an option to make programs that are both flexible and customisable to your workset weights and goals.
So we took your requests and spent the last year building The Strength Club! Finally, after a lot of development-and a long closed beta period with over 400 users - we’ve decided to open up access to everyone.
Get Early Bird Access And Save 50% Off Membership-FOREVER
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When you join during our Early Bird launch you’ll lock in the
discounted price for as long as you are a member!
desktop version
mobile version
The best part is we are going to be adding updates all the time. Here’s a look at just some of the main features already available
You can create a workout log in just a few minutes, from many of the programs in the books like all the Starting Strength novice programs, HLM, Texas.
The site is mobile friendly so you can view your next training - plate math, warmups, add and playback videos to each set, notes.
Track your progress with graphs to see your progression over time
All your notes and logs are automatically backed up and stored on servers so you’ll keep and access your training from anywhere.
Why do an early bird launch?
The answer is simple. The site is fully functional but there are a few wrinkles that still need ironed out and a couple more features that we need to add that we're working on right now. 
If you join before the official release you’ll be:
Supporting the development of the most flexible and powerful training log site ever built and getting a 50% discount for the LIFE of your membership.
Able to give feedback on what we build next so you get features that are important to you.
Enjoying updates to the program at no added cost for the life of your membership
To get a full detail on what's included, see a list of current features, and get a final idea of the completion roadmap check out the Strength Club Site
There you’ll be able to get the details you need AND signup for Early Bird access and lock in your discounted membership for the life of your subscription!
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